Monday, February 15, 2010

Best Bites
There are some basic products of fine food that I do not want to miss moving to a lonsome island. One of those basics is a really good, fresh, white bred.
Tasty bred, even if it is a real simple thing, often comprises all the characteristics of a country or a special region. Some bake it with more salt, some use less, some regions like it very light, in some bake a more heavy variation and so on.

Two of my favourite white bred shops in berlin should be mentioned here: one is a bakery - Sowohl als Auch -in the Prenzlauer Berg area with handmade ciabatta. They run a very nice tiny little fine food store beside the bakery and the so called cafe. The other one is a more industrial but very tasteful ciabatta from the (too big) spanish restaurant - Tauro - on Schönhauser Allee, which has also a little counter for spanish fine food besides the restaurant.

Ciabatta with...
I would like to introduce three of my very favourite ciabatta sandwich versions.

No1: Sweet Home
One of my favourite combinations for fresh ciabatta is as follows: spread a good half centimeter of handmade, fresh goat cheese on a slice of fresh caiabatta.
Then cover it with a bog spoon of creamy honey. Afterwards spread fresh crushed black pepper on it and one of the best homemade sandwich bites is ready.

No2: Mr. H´s best
There´s a wild man living in Berlin, who created this favourite ciabatta version No 2. Take a slice of fresh white bred, spread some butter on it. Then cover it with two very thin cut slices of a fine spanish serano ham. On the ham you apply a very thin layer of peanut butter and finish it with a bit of crushed black pepper.

No3: Sheepstarlet
Another very tasty variation is with a black pepper pecorino, fig jelly and rosemary. Spread a little bit of butter on the white bread slice, and add thin slices of a good pecorino with black pepper bowls in it. The best ones of this kind of peccorino cheese often come from Sardinia. Cover the pecorino slices with a thin level of fig jelly an add a small amount of fresh very fine minced rosemary - you will get the whole feeling of the south on your tongue.

There are many other favourite variations for combinations of good, fresh, white bread. The most simple and delicious one you can only degustate in the countryside: take a slice of ciabatta and put some fresh handmade butter and a bit of sea salt on it – an unforgetable taste!

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