Monday, May 10, 2010

Soft dark chocolate cake:
the brown birthday kick

Chocolate cakes are offered in a huge variety of form, consistency, quality and taste in my urban district in Berlin Mitte. Starting with the classic chocolate brownie and the monster brownie from Synthia Barcomi (they also sell a lot of other tasteful chocolate bombs:-) you can continue with the chocolate coconut cake from Café Napolionska at Kastanienallee and move further down Weinbergsweg to the lovely Café Fleury, where you can get that flat chocolate cake with its intense smell of dark chocolate and its smoth taste nearly like a dough. If your baking level is slightly over beginners, fine chocolate cakes are really easy to make. One of my favourites is a very simple but really nice one, called the brown birthday kick with a wonderful taste of dark chocolate.

Ingredients (all organic)
3 fresh eggs
160 g of fine brown sugar
160 g butter (warm, soft, not out of the fridge!)
100g grouded almonds
120 g of flour
40 g dark organic cacao powder
1 teespoon of baking powder
1,5 bars of dark chocolate (70%)

Cake glaze
200 g of powdered sugar
100 g of dark cacao powder
a bit of water, added carefully sip by sip

Melt the chocolate slowly in a water bath. Stir eggs, butter and sugar for a while until it a creamy consistency is created. Mix cacao powder, flour, almonds, baking powder and add it step by step carefully to the dough.
Wait until the melted chocolate cooled down a bit and add it then also to the dough.
Put the dough into a cake pan and bake it at a temperature of 175 degree Celcius round about 40 minutes. Then switch off your baking oven, open it a bit and let the chocolate cake rest another 10 minutes in there.
Afterwards cover the warm cake with the cake glaze. That is important to keep the soft consistency and the full chocolate flavours.

A very nice taste variation of the brown birthday kick is to add another bar of chocolate, crunched into little peaces. Furthermore you can enhance the flavour of the dark chocolate with a fresh aspect by adding the peel of one or two oranges, cut into very little pieces to the dough and to the coke glaze.

And never forget: chocolate makes you feel happy:-)
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