Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First tasting event: new label gaumenperlen
by mobile minds

On Sunday afternoon the first tasting event of my culinary sublabel gaumenperlen took place in my freshly restyled kitchen - new shelves for the product range were installed before. The gaumenperlen could be translated as palate pearls.
The first products of gaumenperlen - jams and chutneys - were opened for tasting at 5 pm last sunday.
12 jams and 3 chutneys could be degustatetd, all cooked with fine fruits and fresh flavours like ginger, lemon grass, lime and orange pale, cinnamon, star anis etc.
In contrast to this whole sweetness and also for the refreshment of the palates of the tasters ciabatta, italian scarmoza cheese and a fine black pepper salami was served.

This was accompanied by drinks like fine green darjeeling tee, prosecco of a franconien winery and orangewater.

Now let me list - with a little bit of pride of the creating cook:-) - the first range of gaumenperlen products.

The variety of jams was as follows:
- peaches with authentic vanilla
- yellow nectarines with star anis
- white nectarines with authentic vanilla
- yellow nectarines with star anis, orange and lemon peel and ginger
- speptember pears with lime peel and lemon grass
- orange jelly with crawnberries, cinnamon, black pepper
and clove
- blackberry with apples
- dark prune plum with orange
- dark plum with orange and cinnamon
- prune plum butter made in the oven

The chutneys were:
- nectarine chutney
- plum chutney
- onion chutney

I introduced the 2 tasting hours with a little lecture about the creation of my jams, chutneys and the characteristics of every single product. A few lines about the idea of the label gaumenperlen and the tasting event(s) closed my introduction.

Then the tasting began, followed by those wonderful sounds of human beings enjoying all the different tastes and talking about what they were eating.
The guests seemed to be very content about the atmosphere and the tasted results of my gaumenperlen summer production and I was deeply glad about that. In the end each guest could choose her/his fouvourite jam and chutney by leaving a dry little pepperoni on the corresponding cap.

Here is the ranking of the top gaumenperlen - autumn 2010:
The winner of the jams has been the orange jelly followed right up by the speptember pear. The best chutney according to all the tasters has been the plum chutney, followed by the onion chutney.

Thanks to all those lovely people who were my guests at the first tasting of gaumenperlen! Hope to see you soon at the second tasting! My plan for this upcoming event gaumenperlen No 2 is to work out a range of new jellys and chutneys with citrus fruits.

Looking forward to seeing you soon in my kitchen!

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