Sunday, December 19, 2010

christmas-experiments and my new swiss munk
Do you know what a munk is? Nor do I, since yesterday. I got one of those very nice christmas parcels form my dear swiss friends living in Grisons.
In there were a few wonderful products from the fine small swiss food brand viva-la-vida (
My favourite product among the delicious range from viva-la-vida, comprising sugar, salt and fine liqueurs etc. is the "dolce-vita-tea". This is a very nice tea with different fine herbs form the Grisons region which all have a very specific taste. The region herbs grow in is the basis for their difference in taste, smell, size and colour. These differences are similar to the terroirs in wine culture. So I´m very glad to have a delicious, non-alcoholic "dolce vita drink" right now.

There was a very special mentionable item in the parcel - a wooden little animal. As my friend told me it was manufactured by an old carpenter in Grisons. He craves those regional alpine marmots - called munks. The old carpenter was very glad to hear that this one of his munk family will move to Berlin:-)
I immediately fell in love with this little wooden hero and above all with his defiant sight. Standing on my kitchen-shelf he is now responsible to keep an eye on all the gaumenperlen products there. I call him Hugo.

Current gaumenperlen experiments
No cookies, no stollen, no new goose recipies... at the moment I experimentalize for my label gaumenperlen with creams to eat with bread. these creams are made out of nuts, almonds, chocolate and divers liqueurs.
Another new gaumenperlen product line I´m working on at the moment are pralinée-cakes in glasses. They are heavy mixtures out of chocolate, butter, sugar a few eggs and other fine ingredients. Because there´s no flour in it the cakes get a very mellow consistancy and you have to eat them with a spoon - like dough.
Meanwhile the second tasting took place and the first pralinée-cake-edition, a heavy chocolate-orange-bomb, was so coveted that I had to produce a further bunch after the tasting to send them out.
Yesterday I ate my very last own chocolate-pralinée-orange cake and it was a wonderful taste on my spoiled tongue, so I decided to develop this product line to a further degree of excellence in 2011.

Merry X-mas!
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