Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chicory salad with sesame chicken and
lemon balm
Spring has just arrived very slowly in Berlin. The temperatures are still low, the wind is icy. But the a few warmer sunrays anticipate the upcoming spring season.
The time is right to eat more fresh things and to get body and soul in shape. A very nice fresh vegetable of this season, which can be eaten either hot or cold as salad, is chicory.
The slight bitter taste is a good basis to add fresh components like lemon or to combine with white meat and warm flavours like sesame or nuts.

Preparing the salad
Cut the end off the chicory so that you get single leaves. Wash them carefully with lukewarm water and let them dry. Arrange the chicory leaves starlike on a plate.

Preparing the sesame chicken
Cut a fine organic chicken brest into little pieces, as well as a spring onion and a little bit of ginger. Roast this ingredients carefully and slowly in a pan with a tablespoon of sesame oil. Season it with sea salt, white pepper, add a small glass of fruity white wine and a dash of lime, furthermore three table spoons of sesame mush. Then stir it and cover it with a lid to keep it warm. If you like it more spicy, you can roast the chicken with a red chili and add more lime juice in the end.

Afterwards roast three tablespoons of sesame seed in a pan without oil until it is light brown.
Cut a bunch of fresh lemon balm and rape a little carrot into rough pieces.

Preparing the dish
Put the lukewarm chicken on the chicory. Add the roasted sesame and decorate it with a huge amount of the cut lemon balm and the raped fresh carrot.

Spring season is always overwhelmed with expectations. In Berlin suddenly everbody wears dark sunglasses and walks hectically around in town. People often look like they were pierced by a big bee. But the best way to start this wonderful season is to accustom your body slowly and step by step to the faster mode of life. No matter if you wear sunglasses or not:-)

Lately I had some Pierre Marcolini chocolates from Brussels for desert, a gift from a very dear friend of mine. Delicious!!!!! And even the package design is extraordinary. Looking at his website he showed up as a real maniac in his business. Chocolates are presented like holy items in his store. If you have ever tasted them you know why. These refined aromas in the inner chocolate cream are unbelievable. The natural flavours vary from orange-thyme to earl grey or flowery nuances. If you ever visit Brussels, dont´miss this taste!

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