Tuesday, April 30, 2013



Strawberry season has just begun. Under the enormous choice of exsiting recipies  I tried to create one which is very fresh, simple and develops the intense full taste of the berries. 
Here it is:
The one and only gaumenperlen strawberry cake recipy 2013!


150 grams of ladyfingers
130 grams of butter
500 grams of fat (40%) cottage cheese (if you like better low fat then take it)
2 vanilla beans
3 soup spoons of gaumenperlen strawberry jam
agar-agar for 1 liter of liquid
sugar as you like (around 200 grams)
800 grams of fresh mature and flavourful strawberries.

You need a small high spring form and a big flat plate.

How to prepare

Take a bowl and pulverize the ladyfingers until there are only a few bigger pieces. Warm the butter evry slowly until it is liquid. Add it to the ladyfingers and mix it with a fork.

Out the border of the spirnform without! the bottom on your plate. Spread the buttered ladyfinger equally over the bottom and press it slighty with a soup spoon on the plate.

Wash, dry and cut 300 grams of strawberries into very small pieces. Put the cottage cheese in a bowl, add the gaumenperlen jam, the inner of the vanilla beans and round about 100 grams of sugar and agar-agar for 500 ml liquid in the end. Stir it carefully. Add the cut straberries and spread the cottage cheese mix on the ladyfinger-bottom.

Take the left over strawberries and puree them in a mixer with 100 grams of sugar. Add the appropriate amount of agar-agar and pour it out slowloy on the cottage cheese mix.

Put the cake into the fridge for minimum 3 hours. 

dolce vita ahoi !
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lemon tarte: Summer on the tip of your tongue

Last friday i cooked for a very dear friend a 6 course dinner and for desert i baked a fantastic lemon tarte. We both thought that eating that cake summer has just have arrived in our bodies. 
There are hundreds of different recipies for lemon cakes and tartes. i read nearly 20 and combined two or three of them into a new one.
The best lemon tarte i ever ate was during a trip to Lisbon. Unbelievable taste of fresh lemon, found in a very small bakery looking more or less inconsiderable at first. When i entered the little shop i smelled it immediately: good dough:-) And there it was: a marvellous tarte, bright yellow and fondly decorated. I will never forget this refreshing, very intense taste sitting there outside in the sun with that tarte in my mouth.

Portugese lemon tarte   

The dough (normal shortcrust)
80 grams brown sugar
175 grams of flour
125 grams of butter
a pinch of salt
the inner of a half vanilla bean

Knead a normal shortcrust and let it rest about one hour in the fridge. Roll it into a round and fill it with a good border of 3 cm into a springform. Use a forn to make little holes all over the dough (otherwise you get a lot of bulbs).
Baking time round about 15 minutes at 175 degree, it should not be brown! Let it cool down for one hour.

The stuffing
3 yolks
3 eggs
180 grams of white sugar
180 ml frehsly pressed lemon juice
Peel of two lemons in very small pieces
185 grams of butter

Put all the ingredients in a casserole and heat it up very slowly stirring constantly. After a while the stuffing becomes a texture like a pudding.

Fill it into the dough bed and decorate it with very fine lemon peel cests and very thin lemon slices.

Out it in the fridge for a minimum of 2 hours. Serve it with a strong hot or cold black tee.

dolce vita ahoi

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cooking spring-to-come-soul food with gaumenperlen – No.4

Porridge with peach-vanilla-cranberry jam

Everybody is talking about the weather....and seeking desperately spring. The woman in my favourite organic food store, a farm owner, says, she does not remember such a long winter for years... . The only thing that really helps in such situations is to keep hope:-) and feed your freezing mind and soul carefully to get in a better mood. The best way to hit this target: cook real soul food!
Soul food is a very personal thing. It often consits out of mixed recipies that remind me on scenes out of my childhood. Or it evokes special moments I never forget - be there on special trips or even in very common situations.
I have a very long list of real personal soul food. One of my favourite dishes when i really feel cold and I am not completly happy with my day is a special kind of porridge out of oat big flakes.

You need 
1/2 liter fresh fat milk
150 grammes of porridge oat flakes (big)
1 tea spoon of butter
1 tea spoon of brown sugar
2 soop spoons of gaumenperlen italian peach jam with vanilla and cranberries

Put all ingredients in a little pot and heat it very slowly until you have a light porridge texture. Turn the heat off and add the gaumenperlen peach jam, stir it slowly. Put the lid on and let the porridge rest for 5 minutes. Than serve it with a few cranberries in a bowl or on a soup plate.
Eating that porridge I become immediately very sure inside, that spring will start tomorrow:-)

dolce vita ahoi
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