Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cooking spring-to-come-soul food with gaumenperlen – No.4

Porridge with peach-vanilla-cranberry jam

Everybody is talking about the weather....and seeking desperately spring. The woman in my favourite organic food store, a farm owner, says, she does not remember such a long winter for years... . The only thing that really helps in such situations is to keep hope:-) and feed your freezing mind and soul carefully to get in a better mood. The best way to hit this target: cook real soul food!
Soul food is a very personal thing. It often consits out of mixed recipies that remind me on scenes out of my childhood. Or it evokes special moments I never forget - be there on special trips or even in very common situations.
I have a very long list of real personal soul food. One of my favourite dishes when i really feel cold and I am not completly happy with my day is a special kind of porridge out of oat big flakes.

You need 
1/2 liter fresh fat milk
150 grammes of porridge oat flakes (big)
1 tea spoon of butter
1 tea spoon of brown sugar
2 soop spoons of gaumenperlen italian peach jam with vanilla and cranberries

Put all ingredients in a little pot and heat it very slowly until you have a light porridge texture. Turn the heat off and add the gaumenperlen peach jam, stir it slowly. Put the lid on and let the porridge rest for 5 minutes. Than serve it with a few cranberries in a bowl or on a soup plate.
Eating that porridge I become immediately very sure inside, that spring will start tomorrow:-)

dolce vita ahoi
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