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Strawberry season has just begun. Under the enormous choice of exsiting recipies  I tried to create one which is very fresh, simple and develops the intense full taste of the berries. 
Here it is:
The one and only gaumenperlen strawberry cake recipy 2013!


150 grams of ladyfingers
130 grams of butter
500 grams of fat (40%) cottage cheese (if you like better low fat then take it)
2 vanilla beans
3 soup spoons of gaumenperlen strawberry jam
agar-agar for 1 liter of liquid
sugar as you like (around 200 grams)
800 grams of fresh mature and flavourful strawberries.

You need a small high spring form and a big flat plate.

How to prepare

Take a bowl and pulverize the ladyfingers until there are only a few bigger pieces. Warm the butter evry slowly until it is liquid. Add it to the ladyfingers and mix it with a fork.

Out the border of the spirnform without! the bottom on your plate. Spread the buttered ladyfinger equally over the bottom and press it slighty with a soup spoon on the plate.

Wash, dry and cut 300 grams of strawberries into very small pieces. Put the cottage cheese in a bowl, add the gaumenperlen jam, the inner of the vanilla beans and round about 100 grams of sugar and agar-agar for 500 ml liquid in the end. Stir it carefully. Add the cut straberries and spread the cottage cheese mix on the ladyfinger-bottom.

Take the left over strawberries and puree them in a mixer with 100 grams of sugar. Add the appropriate amount of agar-agar and pour it out slowloy on the cottage cheese mix.

Put the cake into the fridge for minimum 3 hours. 

dolce vita ahoi !
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