Sunday, December 29, 2013


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happy 2014!

Cooked a four course dinner for friends yesterday – smart and vegetarian.   
We started with little orange-goat cheese canapés, moved on to a carrot salad with menta, dill and sour cream. Afterwards we had a very fine scalloped fennel with dried toamatoes, fennel seeds, white wine  and raped parmesan. Main dish was a sorghum „risotto“ with aubergine, garlic, parsil and fresh tomatoe purée. We closed with a holy:-) princess dessert. Another friend of mine who lives in Brussels brought me a packet of pralines from my favourite Belgian Chocolatier: Marcolini. Wonderful tiny little delicacies with extremly fine flavours like orange and tyme embedded in finest different chocolates from allover the world. Besides we had for desert the best cookies ever – baked from my mother who became 87 this year. Even if I have all the recipies, I never succeed in baking cookies as fine as she does. It still is her passion and she still is the unreached mistress in her domain of sweets and bakery.
I wish you all a very happy and inspiring new year! Let spring soon come in and never forget your portion of „dolce vita“ every day.:-)

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