Sunday, August 1, 2010

Red summer breeze
Pomegranates are one of my favourite fruits: Their outer form, their inner look, their special colour - an irresistable red and their fine taste. In all, pomegranates are one of that perfect natural things. The colour of pomegranates is used to tint carpets, their inner seeds are full of healthy components. The main harvest season is September until December.
Pomegranates are often processed into sirup, which is mostly over-sugared.More seldom you get 100% pomegranate juice. The best way however is to press the juice out freshly on your own.

The mix
For your summer breeze you should press 3 pomegranates halves and make some ice cubes out of the juice. Keep the seeds of the fourth half for decoration.
Mix 4cl fresh pomegranate juice with one drop of flower honey and two drops of fine lime sirup in a champagne glass. The honey-drop underlines the aroma of the pomegranate, the lime keeps the freshness. Then fill your glass up with a good, not too dry champagne or sparkling wine. Put two of the pomegranate ice cubes into it, decorate with fresh mint and drop a few pomegranate seeds into your glass in the end. The ice juice cubes keep your drink cold without watering it, and spread their amazing colour step by step. Your drink taste like a refreshing summer breeze at the seaside, no matter where you are.

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