Friday, September 17, 2010

Little hero with pears
Autumn in Berlin arrived far to early after a very short hot summer of more or less only three weeks. Rain and coldness are rarely interrupted by precious few hours of sunshine. But autumn is also a lovely time concerning all the fruits and vegetables freshly harvested and put on the markets. Local pears are one of my favourite fruits of that time. Even if they are not as tasty as in other years before because of the scarcity of sunshine in 2010, I was lucky to come upon some very tasty little ones on a market nearby.
Besides a wonderful pear jam with a slight touch of fresh lime and a whiff of cinnamon and cardamom I created little dark cakes with slices of pear for dessert of my first autumn invitation for a few friends. Instead of those muffin cake pans, which dry out the border of the little cakes too much, I use small ceramic souffle bowls.

For the dough
For 3 small bowls the following ingredients are needed:
1 fresh egg
60 gram of warm butter
60 gram of sugar
70 gram of fine flour
20 gram of dark cacoa
2 knifepoints of fresh grounded cardamom
1 knifepoint of baking powder
1 pear, mature, cut in small peaces (with the peel!)
2 table spoons of milk

Make a normal cake dough out of the ingredients and put in the little pear pieces in the end. Portion the dough out to the 3 bowls and bake it around 20 up to 25 minutes at medium heat.
To serve the desert strew it with sugar powder and decorate it wiht a bit of pear jam or fresh pear puree (put some lemon in it so that the puree doesn´t become brown)

At the moment I´m preparing the first official tasting of my limited-lot production of jams in October under my sublabel gaumenperlen. The whole kitchen is full of different jams and I hope all the invited friends will like them. There are classical combinations like pear and blackberry as well as new ones like nectarine with ginger and star anis so that every friend will hopefully find his/her favourite.

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