Tuesday, December 6, 2011

gaumenperlen tasting event no4:
new compositions
Last sunday the 4th gaumenperlen tasting event took place. Thank´s again to the very nice group of guests, it was a pleasure to have you in my kitchen!

The last year´s favourites voted by the guests was - concerning the jellies - again the orange jelly with cranberries and orange peel slices. Good things last:-)
But also the new compositions made out of fresh dates seemed to taste very well. The tasting glasses were nearly empty after the event, that is a secure sign, that something was loved by the guests. One new composition was a dates creme with oranges and cinamon, the other one a date chutney with apple, hot red chillies, a little bit of gralic, onions and ginger.

The 3rd new "gaumenperle" is a transparent jelly out of ginger, green tee and star anis. Refined with black pepper, orange zests and a breeze of lemon. This jelly is a nice entourage for fresh dark bred like the "pfister holzofen" as well as for seafood or salmon.

Another "new" gaumenperlen product, better called a re-composition, seems to be a universal culinary topic at the moment: hibiscus flowers in sirup. A single flower being put in a glass of champagne with a dash of sirup looks very bright and gives the sparkling wine an extra little taste of freshness on top. Because the products you cnb buy are very sweet, I tried to cook the flowers in a very very light sugar sirup. Therefore the taste of the sirup does not degrade but accompany the champagne.

The moment I like most within the tasting events is the one when all the guests are absorbed into their personal tasting at the same time. Then there is this quite minute of pure concentration and pleasure in all faces at the same time.

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