Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Winter is back: time for Bavarian cabbage
Last sunday a few friends of mine sat together watching 10 episodes of "Monacco Franze" a fantastic old fashioned bavarian comedy series out of the 80s. As I grew up in Munich it was very amusing to see all those places and people, to hear the broad dialect again für nearly 7 hours of TV watching. And the actors wore the same big glasses which are very trendy these days in Berlin Mitte. These glasses suit only a very few people and so you see a lot of beautiful people turned into ugly faces via their oversized glasses in Mitte at the moment. To see the same glasses in these old TV series was fun. 

We spent a fantastic day together: we started at 2 pm with coffee and cake, had pork roast with an unbelievable crust in the evening and dessert around 10 pm. I was in charge for the bread dumpling and the bavarian cabbage. 

I remembered an old recipe for bavarian cabbage from my mother and tried to re-cook it.
The ingredients:
:: a little cabbage
:: 2 boskop apples
:: 3 onions
:: a clove of garlic
:: 2 tea spoons of brown sugar
:: black pepper
:: sea salt
:: white balsamico
:: 1/2 liter of white whine
:: and do not laugh now: a spoon of heinz tomato ketchup

As I got a very nice mixture of plack peppers for present form a friend recently, I added a bit of it to enhance the taste experience.

Fist cut the cabbage in half, remove the stem and then cut it into very fine slices. Wash and dry them.

Heat 5 spoons of oil in a very big pot. Add the small cut onions, the small sliced apple without peal, the garlic clove,
a god amount of salt and of fresh crushed black pepper. 
Stir it so that it does not burn and add the brown sugar after rond about 10 minutes, stir on. After the sugar melted, deglaze with a good amount of vinegar, add the cabbage and half of the white wine. Put the oven down to a medium heat and let it cook slowly for 30 minutes, stir it from time to time. Add the other half of the white wine after 15 minutes. If you like it firm, it should be ready. Otherwise add a sip of white wine and let it cook for another 10 minutes. 
Turn it down and add the ketchup, it will perfect the whole taste, believe me:-)

Next time I´m going to write about the Bavarian bread dumplings. Meanwhile I´ll watch the marvellous sunrise every morning.

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