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Monday, February 2, 2015

Short trip to Liguria Genoa – with pasta genovese :-)

Last weekend I was invited to a big birthday party in Luguria. The venue was near Genoa in a samll village called Nervi. The unbelievabe coast impressions, the wonderful little bars at the seaside and the wild sea of January combined with sunshine and round about 12 degree temperature outside were so heart movong that I felt like being in a dream – travelling there out of the snow covered Berlin. 

I have been to that wonderful coast in my twens so it was a very special trip for me to be there again and to remember those wonderful italy trips of that decade fo my life. There were trees full of oranges and the air was so mild and smooth like on a vrigin spring day. Everything I ate there tasted differently because of that salty, mild, warm air. The woman who celebrated her birthday was so wonderful and impressing, that I was totally enchanted of her, ehr freinds and her party - "a typical italien party" as she said after midnight:-) Mille grazie Chiara! We spent a wonderful evening there at a bar called "Bomfin" at the seaside of Nervi and besides that we drank a lot of nice spumante we ate a few very nice genoese delicacies. Genoa has to offer a lot of them.

Pasta Genovese

The most famous and most known of these genoese delicacies was the pasta geovese, a fresh pasta with the classical, well known paesto genovese. I fell for it when it is fresh and handmade. It is very simple to cook: you stir a bunch of fresh aromatic basil with fine raped "parmeggiano" (parmesan cheese), pine nuts, salt, if you want a bit of black pepper and a fine strong olive oil. You stir until you got a purree. Some peronple add one cooke potatoe to make it more viscid. This paesto genovese you put over hot handmade pasta. That´s it. If all the ingredients are of high organic quality it is one of the most tasty and most simple things I have ever eaten in my life. Never make paseto genovese with basil out of the supermarket or with low quality parmeggiano!

Back in Berlin, sitting at my work desk today, grey outside, everything feels a bit strange after that weekend full of sun, nice people, unforgettable moments and italien delicacies.
I want to travel very, very soon again through the whole country. 

dolce vita ahoi!
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