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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Caramel cheesecake with almonds

I love cheesecake. We have a few very nice Cafés in Berlin specialised in cheesecake. They have excellent cakes – but homemade is homemade:-). The perfume in the kitchen when you bake a cheescake is as magic as the different textures and tastes of the cheesecake – changing hour by hour and day by day: lukewarm fresh out of the oven – an unbelievable pleasure. Then after one day the cake starts to mature, like real cheese. And if the friends you invited for coffee left a piece (which is a very rare situation:-) even the second and thrid day taste and consistancy of the cake changes.
After I red a whole bunch of cheescake recipies obver the last decade I combined my favourite two recipies with two recently found ones and made a cake half with peanuts and half with almonds. I decided that the almonds work perfectly so here is the result: Top of all cheesecakes 2015 with almonds and caramel.

What you need

I normally work with a smaller baking pan which has a caliber of 22 cm. 

The ingredients

100 grammes of butter cookies
80 grammes of butter (60 for the cakebase | 20 for the caramel)
100 grammes of planed almonds (40 for the base | 60 for the topping)
4 eggs

110 grammes of sugar  (80 for the topping | 30 for the caramel)

80 grammes of crème fraîche

600 grammes of fat cream cheese

1 soup spoon of fresh orange juice 

How to 
For the cake base crumble the butter cookies and work almonds and the melted lukewarm butter in. Cover the cake pan with a baking paper and press the cakebase on the bottom and form a border of 3 cm. 
For the topping mix the cream cheese, the eggs and the sugar forand stir the ingredients for two or three minutes. In the end put the almonds in. Spread the topping plain over the whole cake base. 
For the caramel melt the rest of the butter and the est of the sugar until the two ingredients beging to become light brown. Be careful!!!! when adding the orange juice!!!! Very hot steam is rising!!! Put the pot beside and if the steam is over stir until the juice is mixed completely with the caramel. Then add the caramel sauce spoon by spoon over the cheesecake topping and stir it slightly in with a little fork.
Bake the cheesecake for round about 50 minutes – electric oven, 180 degree. Cover it with sugar powder after it has cooled down.

Bon appétit!

dolce vita ahoi!
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