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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Munich + Switzerland + bella Italia

Last week I traveled to Munich, Switzerland and bella Italia. In Switzerland I visited my dearest friends - now just married :-) On my first stop in Munich with family and friends I took part in a fantastic winewalk from Andreas Röhrich, Chief Sommelier @ Munich´s top Restaurant . This winewalk took place at the "Genussfestival" and he dedicateded his walk to the grape Silvaner. Andi is one of those fantastic sommeliers who have a whole world of wine knowledge as well as the rare talent to find the right words, tell fantastic wine stories and encourage everybody to trust and enrich the own tasting experiences.

We discovered one of the most impressing natural white wines I ever tasted, made with the oldest Georgian wine amphoras out of Silvaner grapes. Unbelievable taste and a very nice, gifted and experienced wine maker, Manfred Rothe -

Travelling further to Switzerland we had a fantastic week of excursions over the alps alternating with relaxed garden days on the fantastic terrasse of my friends right next to the river Albula. Because the heat was enormous - sometimes I layed down indoor on the marvellous appartment floor to cool down my backside - the fllor is made out of black natural slate. And I had a glass of spritzer near by.-)  

A few days I took care of all the garden Oleanders in the evening, my favourite southern trees, and I was very happy that they overcame the extreme heat with my "water treatment" :-) very well.
Our terrasse wine evenings were focused either on Italien or French top wines. We had a fantastic Tignanello and a Château Lagune Grand Cru, both excellent and very different red wines. After drinking wines of that range for a whole week it is always hard to downgrade to one of those nice but normal daily wines. 
With the wines we had superbe salmon or lamb filet from the grill accompanied by fresh garden vegetables like string beans or a fine summer salad.  

One of our trips over the Julier Alpine Pass and the Silvaplana led us to Chiavenna, a small, very nice little Village in the region Bergell. We had a marvelous, classical, simple Italian lunch at the river terrace and afterwards drove on to an impressing little castle called Castelmur. Not only the building and the antique interior were impressing also the modern art installations of a current exhibition of video installations added a fantastic new level of inspiration to our stay.
To sum it up in a few words: the quietness, the deep breath of raw nature and our excursions and evening talks as well as our silent moments of indulgence, our walks and dinners were so inspiring that it is hard for big beloved Berlin to fascinate me at the moment. I am very glad that I am back there to the Albula again at the End of August.

dolce vita ahoi!
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