Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The warm feeling of sun on my skin in mind I want to write about three summer spread cheese recipies. I gave them a try at my birthday buffet and the feedback of my guests was marvelous.The recipies are very simple and easy to prepare. Important is the quality of the ingredients. All recipies serve round about 3 up to 5 guests on a buffet.

1 Feta-Cheese Spread with fresh lemon

The ingredients
:: around 400 grammes of organic feta cheese
:: 3 spoons of green strong greek native olive oil
:: crushed cubeban pepper
:: 1 organic lemon
:: fresh Thyme

As I mentioned before it is really important to find a very good organic feta cheese as you basis. Take the feta out of the salt lake and put it in a bowl. Add 3 soup spoons of a strong green greek olive oil. Put some fresh crushed black cubeban pepper on top and process it with a fork until it becomes a creamy texture.
Take a fresh organic lemon an rape the pale off. Chop the pale into very little slices. Rape the leaves of the fresh thyme branches (overall not more than a tea spoon full of leaves) and chop them too. Mix both in the feta cream. 

2 Goat cheese with pepper and cranberries

The ingredients
:: around 400 grammes of organic fresh goat cheese/roll
:: crushed black and white pepper
:: 40 grammes of very small chopped cranberries
:: fresh coriander or lemon balm

Put the goat cheese into a bowl. Add the chopped cranberries and the small sliced coriander/lemon balm. Add the crushed two peppers and - if necessary - a bit of fine sea salt. To perfekt it you can add 3 up to five drops of a very old mild aceto balsamico. Do not add any cheep vinegar or young balsamico, it would knock out the cheese taste.

3 Parmesan cream with basil, dried tomatoes 

The ingredients
:: 400 grammes of double fat curd cheese
:: 150 grammes of raped parmesan
:: 6 very small soft tomatoes in small slices
:: 12 basil leaves, chopped
:: mild black crushed pepper

Put the curd cheese in a bowl. mix it with the raped parmesan, the small sliced basil, the dried tomatoes and the black pepper. Taste it and add some salt of necessary. To perfekt it you can add here as well 3 up to five drops of a very old mild aceto balsamico. Do not add any cheep vinegar or young balsamico, it would knock out the cheese taste.

Let all the spreads rest for a minimum of one hour in the fridge. Put it out at minimum half an hour before you serve it, taste it again before serving.

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