Friday, July 20, 2012


Everybody is moaning about the non-existing summer. Yes you are right. But never the less you can get a little hot from the inside. That´s why I created a hot onion peppermint chutney with garam masala, cucuma, curry, red hot chili peppers, crushed pepper, apples vinegar, brown sugar, apple and fresh peppermint. You can serve this slightly sweet and hot thing with grilled meat, chicken or even baked potatoes. Furthermore it is a fantastic ingredient for sauces or the vital addition on the top of a blob of double creme eaten with steamed vegetables.

The ingredients (for 10 little glasses)
1,5 kilos of onions
0,7 liter of unfiltered organic apple juice
1 soup spoon of garam masala
1 soup spoon of hot Indian curry
2 tea spoons of cucuma
3 tea spoons of sea salt
1 soup spoon of fresh crushed black pepper
7 little fresh red hit chili pepers without pits!
2 bunches of fresh pepeprmint
2 sour apples
4 cloves of garlic
4 soup spoons of fine apple vinegar
120 grammes of brown sugar

Easy going preparation
Peel the onions, the garlic and the apple. Cut everything into little pieces. Remove the pits form the red hot chilies and also cut them into very fine slices. Put erverything in a big pot.
Then add the apple juice, the vinegar, salt, crushed pepper and all the other spices.

Start to heat it – lid on – until it is boiling. Then put the lid away and turn it down until it is only simmering at very low heat.
Cut the peppermint leaves (not the stipes) into small slices and add them.
Let the chutney boil until the onions are a bit smoother then „al dente“.

Finally add the brown sugar and let it simmer for another 10 up to 15 minutes. Taste it, add salt, pepper, sugar or vinegar to taste. Then turn it up again for 2 minute, fill the chutney into preserving jars and close the jars immedeately.

Now you are prepared very well for rainy days. If another low pressure ares will hit your soul again you have the possibility to open your hot onion peppermint chutney and make a dish to warm you from inside. You will soon cheer up, be sure of that. .-)

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