Thursday, August 2, 2012


high season for

salad dressings

31 degree celcius outside - marvellous summer! high season for all kinds of cool salads and special summer dressings.

Here are my three favourite dressings for different kinds of salads. The following dressings have all to be pureed with a blender.

No 1: strawberry-dressing for red oak leave lettuce with radicchio.

4 big strawberries
2 spoon of strawberry vinegar
crushed black pepper
sea salt
brown sugar
organic sunflower oil
1 clove of freshly pressed garlic
wild basil leaves

The basil and the sweetness of the strawberry are accompagnied by the strong taste of fresh garlic. Important for the composition is to have tasty basil and sweet strong strawberries completed by a fine strawberry vinegar.

No 2: sweet bavarian mustard dressing

Bavarians like sweet salad dressings. People of the North often consider these dressings as far too sweet. Born an grown up in Bavaria I love them very much. These sweet dressings get along very well with bitter salads like radicchio or chicory as well as strong ones like rocket or portulaca.

1 spoon of Händlmaier classic sweet mustard (never ever take any other sweet mustard – this is the best:-)
1 spoon of dijon original
2 spoons of tasty apple vinegar
2 spoons of mild olive oil
1 spoon of strong dark honey
sea salt
crushed black pepper

No3: the creamy honey mustard lemon dressing

This yoghurt dressing is on top of my taste list. I love to eat it with butter riasted little lettuce hearts as well as radicchio or iceberg lettuce.

1 spoon of dijon honey mustard (again: never ever take another one – this is the best:-)
2 spoons of tasty white old balsamico 
2 spoons of mild olive oil
1 spoon of dark brown sugar
sea salt
6 spoons of fat mild yoghurt (best is Andechser natural fat)
crushed white pepper
zests from one lemon
3-4 fresh oregano leaves

enjoy your summer salads!

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