Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cooking with gaumenperlen:
Pickled prawns with balsamico and peach-vanilla-jam

The gaumenperlen edition 2012 is growing fast, the fruit season slowly comes to it´s end in autumn. I discovered a fantastic type of local plums at the Mybachufer market and created a wonderful sweet plum jam two nights before. To enhace the taste of the plums I added some star anis, black pepper pimentos and a few cloves.
Since last year I have been experimenting with the gaumenperlen products in my cooking. I use them to refine the dishes I create. Meanwhile I can´t imagine cooking without my own products anymore. They have become irreplaceable refinements in my dsihes.
Yesterday I cooked a 5-course-meal für two dear friends of mine. As a starter I served pickeld gambas in olive-chili-oil with garlic, parsley and gaumenperlen peach-vanilla jam. The two guests liked it so much, that I decided to blog the recipy.

What you need 

500 grammes of fresh prawns peeled 
3 soup spoons of native olive oil
2 small red hot chilies (en bloc! not opened!)
1 tea spoon of hot chili oil
2 very small onions
bunch of parsley
1 glove of fresh garlic
Rough grounded sea salt as you like it
1 soup spoon of mild white balsamico
1 soup spoon of gaumenperlen peach vanilla.
If you do not have that:-) alternatively 
take an organic high level peach jam and 1/2 vanilla bean. At the end you can  add a dash of lemon juice, if you like.

How to cook it

Heat a pan with olive and chili oil, steam all the fine chopped ingredents slowly for round about 12 minutes, except for the vineagr and the jam. If the onions are glazed add the prawns, the vinegar and the jam. Turn the oven down and steam it very mildly for a few minutes while stiring it. Do not cook it until the fish is done, stop it before. Dependent on the size of the prawns sometimes it does not need more than 2 minutes. Put your dish in a bowl, add a bit more olive oil and a dash of lemon juice if you like, taste it and let it rest for 2 hours - outside - not in the fridge.
Hope you´ll enjoy your dish!

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