Thursday, December 27, 2012

Last days of 2012 
gaumenperlen reader´s digest:-)
Christmas is over, leaving us with a wonderfully warm spring-like day today. Yesterday I cooked for two dear friends: a nice little codfish filet on spicy fennel carrot vegetables – baked in the oven wrapped into paper. It was a marvellous evening. We started our dinner with a fantastic cremant and little lukewarm puff pastry with cheese. Then we continued with a endive and pear salad and a little quiche followed by the main dish - the codfish.
For dessert we had the gaumenperlen chocolate cake besides a lukewarm vanilla-orange double cream. I need sportive excercise. Immediately!.-)

gaumenperlen tasting event No 5
At the second of December 2012 the annual gaumenperlen tasting event - the No 5 - took place in the wonderful juwellery gallery of EVA NIEMAND in Berlin Mitte.
Thank you EVA and all the best girls and boys Vicky, Regina, Holger + Axel! Your support was unbelievable! It was a very nice evening - thank`s to all the marvellous guests tasting, talking and appreciating new and well-known gaumenperlen. Nearly sold out this year: Pear Jam with lemon grass and cardamon. I´m very glad, that there are a few glasses of the best stuff left on my kitchen shelves.

last dinner in 2012
Saturday night I will cook the last dinner for friends in 2012. It will be meat for the boys:-) Do not know what and how at the moment. I am a bit indecisive what to cook and above all about the "flow" of the menu. May be we start with a little slice of baked oven potatoe with a lavendel-garlic-chili-dip? Or I ´ll prepare a few goat cheese crustinos with fresh oregano and a salty-spicy pear drop above - made  out of gaumenperlen pear jam? I will see tomorrow.
Sometimes I dream menues, so let´s wait until dawn.:-)

the 2012 quick wrap-up
For all my friends  - including me - 2012 was one of the harder and more demanding years: comprising 12 crazy month, changing a lot of basic perspectives, combining antagonistic incidents, a few lost dreams and a lot of new ideas - keeping us all under a permanent power pressure feeling good and a bit sad mostly at the same time.

2012 was the chinese dragon year. 2013 will be the year of the water snake. I´m really looking forward to a bit more routine, to a long travel holiday and to spending a lot more time with the very dear friends of mine - the ones of the inner circle.-)

Wish you all the best for 2013! Hope to see you soon! I´ll soon post the last menu of 2012 for you: for sure it will be cooked with gaumenperlen.

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